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Using the time signal from the atomic clock in Colorado the Galleon ServerARC Atomic Clock Time Server provides time accurate to fractions of a second ensuring atomic clock accuracy for your computer network. Using the Radio Time signal from the transmitter in Colorado ensures network security because it’s behind your firewall so maintaining your network security and integrity.

atomic clock time server

The Galleon ServerARC Atomic Clock Time Server will synchronize the time on Windows 2000, NT and XP networks, supplying the correct time for computer networks.

For a MAP showing the coverage of the WWVB time signal click here

Now you can make sure your computers share exactly the same time, even in areas where there’s a weak radio time signal, such as an electrically screened computer room or a basement. Using an antenna sited up to 150 meters (500ft) away from the computer, you can be sure that your whole network is synchronized to the most accurate clock in the world. Every second. Every minute. Every hour of every day.

Exactly the same time on every computer

A Galleon ServerARC Clock constantly checks the correct time against a signal direct from the National Time standard clock in Colorado. So your computers are synchronized to precisely the correct time.

All types of organizations all over the world (America, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East) are already using Galleon Atomic Radio Clocks; we synchronize time across the globe for organizations as diverse as NASDAQ to Buckingham Palace. Other customers include Daimler Chrylser, 3M, GlaxoSmithKline, Kellogg’s, Sharp and Shell.

Software supplied with the Galleon Server GPS Clock is listed below:

  • Software for Windows 2000, runs as a service and sets itself up as a NTP time server.
  • Software for Windows NT, runs as a service and sets itself up as a NTP time server.
  • Software for Windows XP, runs as a service and sets itself up as a NTP time server.
  • Software for NOVELL (5 and 6) set the time using a dedicated NLM

Server ARC with remote antenna (IP65) and TimeSynch NTP software will synchronize the time on a NT, 2000 and XP machines, you can also synchronize PC’s, workstations and other Windows servers across the network when using TimeSynch NTP client. This software conforms to the Network Time Protocol (NTP) and can be set up as a Stratum 1 Time Server. Consists of mains powered Atomic Radio Controlled Computer Clock with remote antenna up to 150m (500 ft) away, integral Time display and signal strength indicator, serial interface, LED signal display, power supply and converter.

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