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"Lintott Control Systems manufacture and program General Alarm Systems for HM Prisons. Synchronised time is very important to our systems because of the need to produce an accurate history of all alarms and events for audit purposes.

We are very happy with Galleon unit (Server atomic clock and NTP driver software
TS-700-MSF). The very first system which have installed has been working without problems since 2001. The only problem being that the Hardware has out lasted our PC (Windows 98) and we are currently installing new PC system (XP). Galleon Systems were very helpful in providing us with an upgraded driver to allow us to continue using the existing hardware."

Matthew Knights
Senior Engineer
Lintott Control Systems

"we rely on our galleon time synchronisation product to keep all our servers and workstations synchronised. without it we would never be able to ensure workstation transactions were logged correctly in our business system. the galleon system does this impeccably and at a very reasonable cost as well. on top of all this we can rest assured in the fact that we have lifetime support to help resolve any problems should they ever occur."

Mike Sheard
Systems Administrator Gower Furniture

Correct network time on your computer network using NTP Time Servers. Galleon has supplied thousands of time synchronization solutions to companies across the globe from NASDAQ to Buckingham Palace.

ntp time server

Network Time Server

Correct time across mixed networks Windows, UNIX, NOVELL, etc.

windows nt, 2000 and xp

Atomic Clock for PC

PC Time synchronization

time server

Time Synchronisation on small computer networks

Atomic Clocks to Attach to a Windows Server

digital wall clock

Time Displays

Digital Wall Clocks synchronized over Ethernet using NTP



Receiver modules for OEM products

The NTP Time Servers supplied by Galleon provide accurate time as well as network security because they receive the time from either the GPS satellites or the Radio Atomic Clock in Colorado. This time is available without compromising your computer networks security they receive the time off air by radio signals or from satellites so maintain your firewall and network security.

dual gps time server

Server GPS Clock

To synchronize commercial networks the Server GPS Clock provides safe guaranteed accurate time, an NTP server for key Windows based applications.

Server Atomic Clock

If you want an Atomic Clock Time Server for Windows computer networks then this product is an excellent solution.

Workstation GPS Clock

For stand alone or small networks this is the answer to accurate time, your own PC time server.

PC Atomic Clock

If you want Atomic Clock time accuracy on your PC then the PC Atomic Clock is the one.

Rack Mount GPS Time Server

To synchronize the time on large commercial networks this is the solution for you. A reliable Network Time Server that can supply time across computer domains and continents for Windows UNIX and NOVELL operating systems.

Rack Mount Atomic Clock Time Server

To synchronize the time on large commercial networks, using the Colorado Atomic Clock, check out this Time Server, for Windows UNIX and NOVELL operating systems.

Time Server for NOVELL

To synchronize the time on a NOVELL network use Time server for NOVELL.

TimeSynch SNTP client

TimeSynch SNTP will sit quietly on a computer listening for a time broadcast from one of the NTP time servers listed above and when it receives a time broadcast it will ensure computer time clock synchronization to the correct time.

TimeSynch NTP client

Is your PC or computer clock losing time then this NTP Uni-cast client will synchronize the time on networked pc and workstations.

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