With more than twenty years of international experience, Galleon Systems is the market leader in the manufacture and installation of time synchronization products and software.

With a worldwide customer base, years of varied experience and industry-leading expertise, Galleon Systems will advise on and supply the best accurate time solution for your application.

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NTP time servers receive precise time from a radio or GPS source and deliver it your network connected devices. Galleon’s NTP servers range from simple, atomic clock receivers, which set the time on a single PC, to time servers capable of synchronizing thousands of devices over multiple networks.

Ethernet and NTP clocks make it easy to synchronize operations, boost customer service, and improve time-awareness throughout your organization. Galleon’s Power-over-Ethernet clocks are available in digital and analogue styles and in a range of sizes, allowing you to display synchronized time in all locations.

All Galleon Systems’ products come with free, lifetime technical support. Galleon is so confident in the quality of its NTS range of time servers that these products come with an industry-leading six-year warranty.

"One of the most quick and prompt vendor support system I have worked with. Very professional attitude toward customer from your technical representative."

"Very polite and kept me well informed at all times."

"I opened the ticket online and had a technician respond within a half hour, which is great! Issue resolved very quickly."

Galleon Systems is proud of the relationship it has with satisfied customers all over the world. Here’s what some of them say:

We are quite happy with your GPS NTP server.

We use the device to maintain accurate time throughout our server environment, and to date, this device has worked flawlessly.

The GPS antenna is in constant contact with at least 3 GPS satellites, and the unit itself maintains very accurate time.

The TimeSync software is easy to use, and is very versatile in a mixed server environment.

Both our Unix and Windows servers synchronize their time with your software, and this has led to a accurate scheduling and processing in our applications.

We at Delta Fluid Products have been a Galleon customer for over five years. We needed a time solution, to ensure that our employee management system collected exact clocking from our staff.

This was very important to us as these systems are interfaced into our payroll package, and incorrect clocking times would ultimately effect peoples wages.

We opted for a Galleon atomic clock to ensure that this would never happen.

The clock was easy to install, reliable and continues to operate without any requirement for maintenance.

We have been using a Time server clock for 10 years now and have relied on this product to keep our Servers and PC's at the correct time.

We are more than happy with the products and the support given by Galleon.